• Quote by Cornel West

    The concept of justice has been on my mind of late. And I like Cornel West’s take on love. It is different that many.

    According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary definition, justice is the assignment of merited rewards or punishments.

    I think this is a crucial social issue and a crucial issue as it relates to trauma.

    I think sometimes when we are dealing with trauma that occurs within the family there is a quick rush to expect forgiveness that shields those involved from appropriate justice. There seems to sometimes be this idea that the victim must demonstrate or prove love and loyalty to the family by forgiving those involved.

    But is it love to shield people from the merited punishment or sanction that their behavior deserves. Doesn’t this teach them that they are not accountable for their actions or to their loved ones? I think the victim needs to be the one to decide what justice looks like for them and their family.

    And what about at a broader social and public level? I would argue that we must love our citizens (all of them) enough to demand justice for everyone. That we must love our systems and our country enough to hold them accountable for their actions and inactions and to demand justice and change.

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