• Quote by David Teems

    Sometimes traumatic experiences can disrupt how we see ourselves, others and the world. It can strip away the meaning we make of ourselves and our lives.

    It can leave the felt sense of noise in your head. Sometimes this is because anxiety causes thoughts to race along at a fast pace and to easily jump tracks.

    Sometimes this is because the past is intruding into the present in the form of memories, flashbacks, or sensory experience. This can lead to having difficulty tracking conversations or remembering information presented in a meeting or class.

    Other times this is because there are split off parts of the self that have become separated to some degree and develop a sense of independent identity. This can lead to hearing voices, loud thoughts or arguments in your head that do not feel like your own.

    Therapy is one of the most important ways to help bring back order and meaning to the mind after a traumatic experience or a life of traumatic experiences. And EMDR therapy in particular seems to get beyond a cognitive level of understanding and healing, leading to a felt sense of healing and an improved sense of safety, value and/or effectiveness.

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