• Quote by Debra Wesselmann

    Often in adulthood, our most dysfunctional behavior is really motivated by a scared little kid we each hold inside. Often we refer to this as our Inner Child or inner Little One.

    This is the scared little kid we used to be.

    If we felt chronically helpless or powerless as a kid, sometimes this can manifest in adulthood as dysfunctional behavior.

    Sometimes people become loud and aggressive as a means to take the power they lacked as children. In other cases, when that inner child feels helpless they may freeze as they did in childhood.

    So, if we can cultivate some self-compassion for our inner children we can start to help them heal. And what they need to heal is what they would have needed in childhood, maybe it’s a hug, or an acknowledgement of how they feel, or reassurance that they are good and lovable.

    As we work to give our inner child the reassurance and care that we need, we will be learning to give ourselves love and care.

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