• Quote by Dr. Colette Lord

    As the Grateful Dead famously sang, what a long, strange trip it’s been this year and this election cycle. Now that the race has been called there will still be a flurry of activity, but it is the perfect time to try to catch your breath and regain your equilibrium.

    I used to be the sort of therapist who would not bring my politics into the therapy room or my business social media. But that has simply not been possible these last 4+ years. The man in the White House has been a trigger for so many of my trauma client, reminding them of their abusers and using similar gaslighting and bullying strategies. My silence would on this when it came up would have been a betrayal.

    The man in the White House has also done a lot of damage to the transgender community, trying to erase and legislate them out of existence. I cannot remain silent to this injustice.

    The man in the White House has encouraged and fed the base of white supremacy that has long infected this country. Do not kid yourself that once he is out of office that this system is somehow magically dismantled. Do not kid yourself that if you are white, you have now been absolved of your responsibility to the Black Lives Matter movement and to all BIPOC people in this country. We must continue to work because white supremacy is not a Black issue, it is a white issue.

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