• Quote by Dr Colette Lord

    This year has seen a slew of anti-trans bills targeting trans women in sports.

    These bills are transphobic, unnecessary and cruel.

    These bills are also sexist. In our society we have been conditioned to associate strength and testosterone with men, although women, non-binary and intersex people can also be strong and have testosterone.

    There is no scientific evidence that proves testosterone gives an athletic advantage. Men and women vary in their individual levels of this and other hormones.

    As with all previous anti-trans bills, this current rash of bills is neither scientific, nor truly meant to protect anyone. They are meant to demean and control transgender folx.

    That is not acceptable. We need to fight these bills and whatever set of bills come next, and the ones after that. If we truly want to live in a just and equitable society, we need to fight for the rights of those who are most oppressed, most marginalized, most left out of the conversation.

    And of course, above all, listen to trans and non-binary people about their experiences and their lives.

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