• Quote by Dr Colette Lord

    October 15 is Infant & Pregnancy Loss Remembrance Day.

    When someone is going through a rough time – a loss, a separation, an illness, etc.- they need support.

    Often the go to response is to say “let me know if there is anything you need.” But this is literally the LEAST that we can do.  And it puts the burden on the person who is already burdened.

    For many of us in those tough situations, it may be too difficult to ask for help, or we may not know what we even need.

    So instead, take on the burden yourself. Reflect on what might this person need for support right now and offer it. Do they need someone to just listen and talk to? Do they need help getting groceries? Help walking the dog? Company for dinner? A ride to an appointment?

    Offer what you think they need and keep offering it. Check in with them, let them know that you are there for them, they are in your thoughts and that you are willing to actually DO something to support them.

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