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    Trauma shapes us, in profound and sometimes really subtle ways. When there is trauma, neglect or abuse from an early age, this requires children to adapt and become who they need to be to survive. This then often can be mistaken for simply who they are as people. However, in my experience, this is rarely true.

    Kids are amazingly adaptable and they will become what they need to in order to survive. Then once they reach adulthood, they find that those ways of handling things or coping skills that they used no longer serve them, and maybe are actually harmful now.

    When there is chronic, developmental or attachment trauma, changing the way people look at themselves, others and the world takes a lot of work and support. But you can be so much more, if you want to. You do not have to be chained to these old ways of being in the world.

    There is help and I think EMDR Therapy is one of the most robust and efficient forms of therapy for helping to achieve this kind of transformation.

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