• Quote by Dylan Thomas

    Second chances are so important. So, few of us get it right the first time around. Each tomorrow offers us the opportunity to try it differently, to learn, to grow, to be better and do better.

    Sometimes it is life that is offering us a second chance, and sometimes it is our own patterns and behaviors that offer us a second chance. When the brain gets stuck on a traumatic experience it is not unusual that we tend to put ourselves in similar situations again, consciously or not, and that is us trying to get a second chance to work through something. The problem is that if we do not realize it or have not learned any new skills to cope, we keep making the same mistakes. That is why getting into therapy to learn about our patterns and pit falls is so important. That way when you are faced with your second chance, you have new skills and supports to bring to the situation so that you may bet a different outcome.

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