• Quote by Eduardo Duran


    We are all going through a collective trauma right now. And the question before us and make it meaningful and transformational.

    And we do not need to wait for this to be over to start that transformation. It begins with the messages we are giving ourselves. Are you telling yourself you should be using this time to write your novel, learn a new language or level up your business? If this is inspirational and you can find meaning in doing so, then great. But if you are not feeling up to it and are beating yourself up over your lack of achievement, then you are adding to your pain and suffering.

    If the latter is where you are at, that is okay, it’s a lot to manage and take in. So let’s transform the way we are talking to ourselves. Let’s become our own cheerleaders, telling ourselves that we can do it. We just need to take it one day at a time. What do I need to do today to help myself feel more grounded, connected and cared for?

    Often in my work with folks with a lot of abuse, chaos or neglect in the home, we have to take time to focus on re-parenting. Helping that person learn to care for themselves as they should have been taught in their family. You too can take this opportunity to learn to be a good parent to yourself, to model good parenting to your kids.

    You can transform this pain into meaning and healing. And if you feel unable to do so on your own, then reach out an find a therapist to help.

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