• Quote by Francine Shapiro

    Often when EMDR is talked about, it is as if it is a fancy technique and not a complete therapy approach.

    EMDR therapy is occurring from the moment you pick up the phone or send an email to reach me. It informs my thinking about your issues. It informs the questions that I ask during our assessment process and the length of time I spend in history taking.

    And talking about EMDR as just a technique devalues the importance of the therapeutic relationship and the self-determination of those I work with. In therapy the relationship between client and practitioner is of ultimate importance and this is no different with EMDR therapy.

    The Adaptive Information Processing (AIP) model that describes how we believe EMDR therapy to work informs my history taking and theorizing about what would be the most beneficial way to proceed. However, my client’s goals and preferences are always of utmost importance. If I disagree, I will share that disagreement and I will share my rationale for that disagreement, and then it is up to my client to inform me of what their preferences are. Unless I have some safety concerns about their preferences, the client’s choice will be prioritized over theory.

    In EMDR therapy you are truly the expert in your experience and your healing. You are at the center, as you should be since we are talking about your life. I believe that therapy should be a collaborative process, and if that has not been your experience then maybe it’s time to find another EMDR therapist.

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