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    Quote by Frodo Baggins

    Time is not the great healer we have been taught to believe, not where trauma is concerned. That is because traumatic memories are stored differently than regular memories. They are stored in surround sound, with all the thoughts, feelings, and sensations that were there at the time of the event.

    For some folks, with a good support system and no other traumas or chronic stressors, their brain may be able to work through this on its own. That is why we talk about, and think about, and dream about things. That is the way our mind knows to adaptively heal itself. But this natural process gets gummed up in trauma.

    This is why EMDR Therapy can be so incredibly effective in working through the trauma. It helps to clear out the debris that has gummed up the system. This debris is often the negative belief folks came to about themselves at the time of the trauma. These negative beliefs are often around being somehow responsible for what happened, or that it means they are a bad person, or somehow defective.  Once that gunk is cleaned out with EMDR reprocessing, then the brain can resume its drive towards health. Then the hold this memory has had on the person is finally let go and it returns to its rightful place in the story of their life.

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