• Quote by Gabor Maté

    It is folly to suggest that the people we interact with do not have an impact on us. This is elucidated in Gabor Maté’s book When the Body Says No in a way that is both accessible and eye opening.

    The family we are raised in has a profound and lasting impact. When this home environment is abusive or toxic the impact goes well beyond whether or not there is physical or sexual abuse. The words and attitude that others hold towards the child are powerful and create a cascade of changes in the child’s mind and body based on hormones released in response to threat, etc. This is why the emotional tone in the home has such a lasting impact.

    How we treat others matters. The environment you grow up in is not something you can choose or have much control over. However, once you grow up and get out, you have the power and the choice to make things different for yourself.

    That does not mean it is as easy as changing your environment, but it is a step and part of the process of undoing the harm that was done. Often another important piece is getting into therapy so you can unlearn the negative messages you learned about yourself, others and the world.

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