• Quote by Gabor Maté

    Self-awareness and self-knowledge are in much too short supply these days.

    Therapy can help with this in many ways. And this past year with COVID and the lockdown have certainly seen an increase in people’s attempts to self-medicate, to flood this unendurable void – with substances, with food, with social medial scrolling, with binge watching.

    But these things will never truly satisfy, therefore, we have to keep doing them over and over.

    There is such incredible value in learning to sit with discomfort, physical or emotional, to learn about ourselves. Who are we when everything else quiets down and we have to take an honest look at ourselves?

    Gabor Maté is an incredibly empathic, caring physician who, in his search to understand addictions found that trauma and loss are often at their heart.

    Trauma and loss can rob us of self-knowledge and even the roadmap of how to find that knowledge. Find a trauma therapist, find a trauma-informed therapist, or body worker.

    Start dealing with your issues and yourself.

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