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    Quote by Gabourey Sidibe

    People can be so judgmental! We fail to see the whole picture or we let our feelings color how we see the successes of others. It’s unfortunate to say the least.

    And when these ‘haters’ are family members this lack of faith can be quite disturbing and make us second guess ourselves. It is natural to want to share our successes with family, even when the family you grew up in is dysfunctional, abusive or unsupportive. This is can be a difficult tendency to retrain, but until we do, we will continually be hurt. If a loved one chronically finds fault with you, they will find a way to find fault with the most amazing successes and accomplishments. It is essential to learn to seek that support and validation from sources that are willing and capable of giving it.

    You deserve to have someone see how amazing and awesome you are and who will celebrate with you.

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