• Quote by Hannah Gadsby

    As a sensitive person myself, I really resonated with this quote. I have often heard in my life that I am too sensitive. And it has always puzzled me why it is such a bad thing, in some people’s eyes to feel so deeply, to be moved, to care so much?

    It is this sensitivity that allows me to be a skillful therapist. It is this sensitivity that allows me to be a good friend and partner. It is why I am an ally and am moved by the stories of others to be an advocate for social change. I don’t see any of these things as negative.

    Does that mean that I need to practice more self-care at times? Absolutely. These days I have to be more mindful of the type or amount of information that I take in from the news and social media. It means that I try to watch more comedies than dramas. It means that when I notice I am getting inundated by the emotions of those around me that I practice some of my shielding skills. It means that I pay attention to my self-talk. It means that I do the work.

    For the rest of you who identify as highly sensitive, empaths, etc. what do you do to take care of yourselves?

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