• Quote by James Baldwin

    Most of us learn to wear a mask  we grow up, fearing we won’t be loved or accepted for our true feelings, thoughts and experiences.

    This is heightened for queer folx, especially when the family is not accepting or they are raised in an unaccepting faith.

    This is also heightened for people of color in our society who learn that they need to mask or hide their true thoughts, feelings and experiences from white people and often in work and educational settings.

    This need for a mask is also heightened when the family a person grows up in is abusive, neglectful or toxic.

    And of course, someone can experience all three of these influences to mask themselves. In addition to a myriad of other ways and identities that may lead them to feel the need to hide who they are.

    But love for each other will be what saves us, loving each other and loving each other enough to hold each other accountable.

    James Baldwin (1924-1987) was a Black queer American novelist, playwright and activist.  His 1955 book of essays Notes of a Native Son explored the intersection of race, class and sexuality in Western society.

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