• Quote by James Michener

    This is so true. It does not matter how much we know and prepare for some expected event, there are often elements for which we are not prepared.

    In my experience, these elements are often emotional. Then I often hear people minimizing these feelings or reactions and showering themselves with ‘should’ statements about how they should feel, how they should behave, etc.

    Just know that these reactions and feelings are valid. It is okay to feel grief and loss after getting something you have wanted for a long time. It is okay to feel relief after the death of a loved one with whom there was conflict. These feelings and reactions don’t make you a bad person, they simply make you human.

    So try to hold space for these unexpected elements, know that it is okay that there are parts you were unprepared for. That is life, that is what makes you human. It is going to be okay.

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