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    When one has grown up in an abusive, neglectful, chaotic, or toxic family then the messages and words that they heard as a child may become the boogieman under their beds.

    Sometimes the negative messages people heard as children become their automatic thoughts, and sometimes these folks will still hear the actual voice from childhood saying these things in their head.

    Either way, they are in need of an It is not uncommon for these folks to actually hear the voice in the person is in need of an exorcism of sorts. I wish it were as easy as the person coming to the realization that their abusers were wrong but it’s not.

    Rational understanding of these things often is insufficient to quiet those voices in a person’s head. That is why I believe EMDR therapy is so powerful, it helps move this type of knowledge from something a person to knows in their head, to something they believe with their bodies, hearts and souls.

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