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    I am a firm believer in moderation, and while I think there is a time and a place for ‘fake it til you make it’ there has to also be space to admit you need help.

    It is not easy to let go of the past and not be bitter about it. Especially if a person has grown up in a toxic, dysfunctional or neglectful home environment. It is reasonable to have expected to have one’s needs taken care of when they are growing up. If that was not provided it is easy to get bitter about it as it sets the stage for many other situations in life.

    However, in my experience, bitterness is just one more way the past remains present. It keeps it present and informs what we do in the present in a negative fashion. So although it is understandable, it is also not healthy in the long term and tends to get in the way of moving forward.

    It is often not until a major life event, change or crisis arises that we finally admit that things need to change. That is most certainly time to get into some good therapy, and even before it gets to that point. Find a therapist who you connect with and get help getting to a life where bitterness over the past does not define you.

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