• Quote by Mandy Hale

    Change can be painful and scary. Sometimes this fear of change gets in the way of seeking mental health help. Although it seems illogical, even change for the better can be scary. Even when the way we feel, and the people and the things we do are bad for us, there is also a comfort in the familiarity of the known. But Hale has it right, nothing is as painful being stuck in the negativity, in the unhealthy relationships, or in the wrong gender assigned at birth. Changing these things takes, time and effort. Not everyone in your life will understand and be able to grow with you. That is okay, because you deserve to have people in your life who will honor and respect your truth and your efforts at personal growth. The pain of change and growth will diminish, but the pain of remaining stuck will not. Dare to start today, take that first step. And if you need guidance or assistance along the way, know that there are professionals out there who want to help.

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