• Quote by Mariah Carey

    I love music, and the emotional reality that it can convey. If I could have a soundtrack to my life, I would do it in a heartbeat 😊

    I believe we all deserve to be the heroes of our own stories. We just need the strength and courage to look inside, find that hero and accept that power.

    So many folks who have been through trauma, abusive childhoods, neglectful and chaotic homes, they struggle with taking ownership and agency within their lives.

    Sometimes it is because they have seen the bad things that can happen when others use their power.

    Sometimes it is because they have learned to distrust themselves and their judgement.

    Sometimes they are looking for someone else to be their hero and rescue them.

    And sometimes it is because they don’t know who they truly are, and only go by what everyone else tells them.

    Although the reasons make sense, this reactive stand is unhealthy and constricts them in their lives.

    It is possible to learn to find that hero within. And it takes courage, and hope and often it takes guidance as well. But it is worth the effort and the cost.

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