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    Quote by Maya Angelou

    Did you know that in order to become a butterfly, that a caterpillar must first literally digest itself? The transformation of the butterfly is one of nature’s most amazing feats, but it is not easy and sounds rather painful doesn’t it?

    Just like butterflies, when there is unresolved pain from childhood neglect or abuse, or from being born with a different gender or sexuality than the majority culture, we must find a way to transform ourselves and our pain so that we can emerge as the beautiful butterflies were meant to be.

    Some people are able to achieve this transformation on their own, but many are not. There is no shame in that, we do not do a great job in our society of training kids to be resilient, and how to manage traumatic experiences. That is why therapy in general, and EMDR Therapy in particular, is so important. Sometimes you just need a little guidance to transform into who you were really meant to be.

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