• Quote by Michelle Obama

    Courage can be a hard thing to find when you have experienced abuse, marginalization, and aggression for who you are or who you love. That is one of the things that I think is so amazing about the growth of social movements like Black Lives Matters and #MeToo. When we find others, who have a shared pain, that pain can turn into a fire that fuels us and social change. The same principle holds for support and recovery groups. Having others who have had some similar experiences can help each of us to find the courage needed to speak our truth. Even exposure to these movements can help spread courage, I know that these movements  have helped people to find their voice, whether it is speaking up at a rally, sharing with a partner, or seeking out therapy to work through what has happened.

    And on the other side of things is that piece about hope. When you live with depression, anxiety and PTSD it can be very hard to find hope for yourself and your future. That is why one of the important aspects of my work as a therapist is to be a holder of hope. I hold hope for the future that my clients cannot yet see for themselves. Part of the reasons that I am able to hold this hope is that I have seen powerful transformation and change happen. I have seen people be able to reclaim their lives and find new purpose.

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