• Quote by Naeem Callaway

    A common misconception people have about change is that it needs to be drastic to be worthy of making.

    I think some of this comes from the fact that we often wait until things are unbearable or unmanageable to make a change, and so we are desperate to see a big difference in how we feel, or look, or think, etc.

    But this is typically unsustainable when it is such a drastic or big change. We may go hard at it for a day or a week, but sustaining it beyond is difficult.

    I have talked about systems not liking change and that applies here as well. Our bodies are systems, our minds are systems, our families are systems which will work to subtly or not so subtly pull us back into patterns that are familiar.

    That’s why the smallest step in the right direction may be the biggest step. Those small steps are easier to practice and to keep in place, and therefore more likely to lead to the next small step and then you are on your way.

    I know it can be hard to take this more moderate approach, it is certainly not the American way, it is not splashy and sexy. But it is sustainable and it will lead you where you want to go. Maybe we need to change our expectations, so we do not wait so long to work on an issue or dismiss the small changes that can make a bit difference.

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