• Quote by Naya Rivera

    So often in my work with trauma survivors and gender diverse folx, I find that they cannot see the beauty of who they are.

    Trauma and negative messaging from our society and the media have a lot to do with that.

    When we go through trauma and don’t get the support and validation we need, we internalize the message that there is something wrong with us. Moving forward, all experiences are filtered through this belief. Therefore, it makes sense to me that they may find it hard to see their beauty.

    This is why it is so important to have a community and/or family (chosen or biological) that can help you combat this filter, who can see you for the amazing human being that you are.

    When you live in a world that is constantly telling you that there is something wrong with you for who you know yourself to be, it is quite difficult to not internalize this message. Especially when you add on top of that the government trying to pass laws against people who share your identity, or when faith based organizations are teaching that there is something wrong with people like you or the vitriol that is regularly spewed at people based on their gender identity in on-line communities.

    That is why lifting up positive, affirming voices of trans and non-binary folx is so important. That is why representation of trans joy is vital. That is why shows like FX’s Pose are so important because there was the opportunity to show a variety of what it means to be trans, to affirm that variety in the community and the love that can be found.

    Just know that I can see your beauty, and I hope that you can find the right community and the right therapist that will help you come to recognize that beauty.

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