• Quote by Pema Chondron

    This is why wishing to simply forget the past does not work. If we ignore it or sweep it under the rug, we fail to learn the lesson and it will keep coming back to us in different ways until we learn what it is we are meant to know. When I work with people who have been through traumatic experience(s) they will often find themselves in similar situations or patterns again and again. Often this goes back to beliefs about their value and the type of treatment they deserve. They have learned something from their traumas, but they are negative and unrealistic things

    This is because it can be very difficult to integrate information from a traumatic experience due to the way our bodies are programmed to respond to danger.  Therefor the traumatic experience often remains disjointed, in fragments that keep coming back as echoes of the perpetrators, flashbacks or nightmares. And if this whole experience is not integrated, then it is practically impossible to see the whole picture and understand the entirety of the experience and what it means to the person and their lives. That is why therapy is so crucial in these situations, and EMDR Therapy in particular is so powerful. Therapy helps the person integrate their experiences and come to a better understanding of themselves, what happened to them and what it all means for them.

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