• Quote by R.L. Knost

    Time most certainly does not heal all wounds or there would be no need of the work that I do and the world would be a happier place. This is especially true of the women that I work with who have grown up in abusive, chaotic, or neglectful homes. In those environments, it is difficult, if not impossible to learn the coping and self-care skills that would help time heal their wounds. And for so many, it is not just a one time traumatic incident or relationship, but a lifetime of them. When this happens it is hard for the brain’s natural healing mechanism to keep up and heal itself. But there is most definitely hope. Find a therapist you connect with, get into a support group, learn how to care for yourself and what healthy relationships look like. Just because you may feel broken right now and time has not healed your wounds does not mean you have to remain broken until the end of time. You are strong and incredibly resilient. You’ve got this!

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