• Quote by Robert Jordan

    This world is full of things that may strike fear into our hearts, there is always more of that than we would wish. But we do not know how brave we are until we face our fears.

    Living in this world authentically requires bravery. Living in this world authentically if you do not fall into the category of cisgender requires even more bravery. I wish that it were otherwise.

    My trans and non-binary clients and my trauma clients have taught me how much bravery can live in a single human heart.

    Not only have they often demonstrated bravery during their experiences, but they continue to demonstrate bravery in the face of their symptoms, in the face of a world that wants to deny how much humans make each other suffer. And they show incredible bravery by coming to therapy and facing their past and make the changes needed to grow and heal.

    I wish that they did not have to be this brave all of the time. I wish that family and friends understood their pain and knew how to support them.

    It is so important for people who are allies, people who have privilege work to make this world a place in which people of all genders are not only safe to show up as themselves, but are celebrated. We must work together to make this world a place of healing instead of harm.

    And while I wait for the world and others to catch up, I can see and acknowledge their bravery.

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