• Quote by Robin Shapiro

    EMDR therapy is powerful and can be used to help transform all types of traumatic experiences.

    Individuals from marginalized groups – BIPOC, women, disabled, and the LGBTQIA+ communities, to name a few, face microaggressions that can lead to symptoms and experiences similar to PTSD.

    Microaggressions are the daily slights, insults, indignities and denigrating messages people in these groups receive, often from well intentioned others. These messages can be verbal, as in…These messages can be non-verbal, as in a white woman clutching her purse more tightly when a black man walks by. And finally, these messages can be environmental, such as confederate flags, statues, and street names.  All these messages assault the individual’s consciousness and tends to wear them down, and may eventually be internalized by the individual as negative beliefs about themselves and others like them.

    It is these internalized negative beliefs that can be targeted and worked through with EMDR therapy. You do not have to continue to experience yourself as less than, regardless of where those messages come from. They can be changed and EMDR therapy can help you let go of the pain of your past, live more fully in the present and develop hope for the future.

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