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    Quote by Ross Galigiuri

    At times I feel that I do not fit into this world, as I cannot understand and comprehend the pain and violence people perpetrate on one another.

    It is my calling to help change the word that I inherited. I was put on this earth to help heal those in pain.

    And I so admire all of the people out there who are fighting to make this a better, more caring, more inclusive world.

    From the trans and non-binary people who are just trying to live their lives like the rest of us and those trying to fight the systems we have in place to suppress them, to the young climate change activists, to the Black Lives Matter folks fighting for an end to systems of white supremacy, to Indigenous folks who are fighting to protect this earth and dismantle colonial systems of oppression and the Me Too movement bringing the reality of sexual misconduct and violence out into the open.

    I stand in awe and hope that together we are creating a brighter future.

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