• Quote by Sandra Paulsen

    Sandra Paulsen is an EMDR therapist who developed a method for healing early life trauma.

    Here she is talking about attachment trauma and wounding. Children are not born believing that they are shameful, this is a learned attitude.

    When a child is led to believe by their primary caretakers that they are bad, unworthy, etc., their young mind assumes that the caretaker must be right. Therefore, in order to survive they take on their caretaker’s view that they are shameful.

    This then becomes the core of who they believe that they are. But no infant or child is truly shameful. It is the caretaker’s on stuff that gets in the way of seeing their child for the wonderful, joyous creature that they are.

    This internalized shame is a difficult one to recover from and change. It takes a lot of self-work and often requires good therapy. But it is not impossible.

    EMDR therapy is a wonderful tool in helping people to let go of the pain of their past, live more fully in the present and develop hope for the future.

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