• Quote by Schminkey

    I like this quote because it highlights how so often it is others’ perceptions, opinions, and actions that lead trans and non-binary folx dysphoria and struggles with mental health. Not every trans or non-binary person experiences a disconnect from their body, but almost all will experience a disconnect between what society and other people see and expect from them compared to their experience of themselves.

    That is why expanding our understanding of gender beyond the binary is so important, and that it is important to have representation in the media of folx who are not easily labeled or shoved into a binary box.

    Nature is amazing in her diversity and so it should be no surprise that human expression of sex, gender and gender identity are equally diverse. It is just in the last few years that we are finally starting to acknowledge and talking about this diversity.

    Per their website, Ollie Renee Schminkey, they are a transgender poet, activist, and artist.

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