• Quote by Shelby Steele

    I think we often get things backwards. We wait for the right opportunity or we wait to feel motivated or we wait for the right time.

    But what if that opportunity, or motivation or right time comes from the work that we do. What if it comes from the next steps that you take?

    In my experience this is how it is. In therapy the struggle and hard work bears the fruit of opportunity. By getting up each day and struggling against the depression my clients find the motivation to take the next step to fight the depression.

    By struggling through the discomfort and hard work of doing trauma work, there is the opportunity for healthier relationships and better boundaries.

    By doing the work and struggling to figure out who they really are, my LGBTQIA+ folks find the right time to make the changes needed to live their most authentic lives.

    Therapy can be a struggle, it can be hard work, and I believe that each of us is worth the effort.

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