• Quote by Steve Maraboli

    So many of us walk through this life desperate for the acceptance of others and convinced we are found deficient in others’ eyes.

    It is such a burden to bear, the weight of all that judgement and fear. But that judgement and fear is often magnified or created entirely by our own minds. Most people are much too wrapped up in their own concerns and world to be actively judging you.

    But when folx have grown up in an environment in which they were constantly judged or berated, it is natural for them to develop a hypersensitivity to judgement and an attunement to others’ thoughts and evaluations.

    And that way of being in the world is exhausting and gives away all our power because how we view ourselves is only a reflection of how we think others view us. None of us can please everyone always. Once we are able to look inside, come to terms with our past and accept ourselves in all our flaws, only then are we free.

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