• Quote by Vaclav Havel

    As a therapist I am a holder of hope for my clients. I hold onto the hope that they can get better, that their lives and their futures can be brighter.

    I hold onto those hopes for them as they often cannot see it for themselves. They often come to see me at a point of desperation, and may not be particularly hopeful about their prospects.

    I can hold onto their hope for them because I fully believe that change and growth and healing are possible. I see it daily, so I know it is possible.

    And this is not a blind, Pollyanna hope that they will be happy always, that nothing bad will ever happen to them again, that the world will treat them well, etc. I know the damage that hoping for these things can bring.

    That’s why this quote speaks to me, the hope is that my clients will learn to make sense of what is going on for them and around them and be able to take action accordingly, knowing that they have the skills to handle whatever comes.

    My passion is helping clients to learn to let go the pain of their past, live more fully in the present and develop hope for their future.

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