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    Quote by Wil Wheaton

    This is from a speech Wil Wheaton gave at a NAMI convention, NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) is an organization that offers resources and supports to those living with mental illness and their families. They do a lot to try to reduce stigma around mental health issues. Will was speaking of his own journey through depression and anxiety and hoping to help normalize and reduce the stigma. Stigma led to his not realizing he had a mental illness and suffering for it for close to thirty years.

    There is no shame in admitting that you have mental health struggles. It is not a sign of weakness or defect, and is often the result of something that has happened to you. As someone who has lived with both depression and anxiety in my life, his imagery of a path resonates for me. I share to help end the stigma 😊

    I have found my path and can see it pretty clearly, and I am honored to help others find theirs. Health and wellness are journeys, not destinations. My passion is helping people to let go of the pain of their pasts, live more fully in the present and develop hope for their future.

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