• Quote from Dr. Colette Lord

    Let’s be honest, talking about parts, or inner children, or ego states can feel rather odd or silly.

    It can feel a bit too ‘woo-woo’ for folks. Regardless the ideas are meaningful and the practice of working with these parts can be powerful.

    And I speak from experience both in working with others and in doing my own work in therapy.

    Learning to recognize those unhealed parts of self can be difficult, so look for times when you really come down hard on yourself. Often that is because a childish part of self needs attention.

    And just like real children, these inner children don’t need your criticism, ridicule, anger or punishment. You have learned that because that is what was modeled for you, or you learned that this worked to shut down those parts of self.

    But you can’t use those old methods you learned to survive to heal or thrive. That takes new and different skills. It takes love, compassion, validation, and being with.

    You and your little one will thank you for s

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