• Quote from Esthero’s Crash

    Sorrow, like all painful emotions, is important.

    But we are socialized to think painful emotions are bad, hidden, or fixed.

    If you believe these emotions are bad, you may feel shame or like it is some moral failing that you feel this way beyond what society or your family may be telling you is ‘normal.’

    If you feel these emotions need to be hidden you are less likely to receive the support that you need to get through this tough time and you may suffer for longer.

    If you feel these negative emotions need to be fixed, then you may assume you need medication, or a drink, or a shopping spree or another scoop of ice cream. None of these things are inherently bad, but neither is your emotion. The longer you fight it these feelings, the more they tend to build up and take longer to face once they come out.

    Emotions are meant to be felt, and learning to allow yourself the space to do so is vital to mental health.

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