• Quote from Star Wars: Clone Wars

    I find this a lot in working with clients with a history of attachment trauma.

    There is the constant quest for why; why their parents behaved the way they did; why did they turn out the way they did; why did these things happen to them?

    This search can sometimes derail therapy and an individual’s ability or willingness to work on themselves.

    Often there are simply no good answers to these questions. After all, what excuse is there for physical, emotional, verbal or sexual abuse? In my opinion the search for the truth in this is the search for an answer that will make sense.

    And sometime there is a stated understanding of the answer, but this is a far cry from feeling and believing the answer in every cell of your body. It is painful to feel those feelings, and so sometimes the full, emotional truth is hidden away behind a dissociative barrier.

    Being able to get this place of an embodied, full knowing is difficult but worth it. In my opinion, EMDR therapy is one of the best suited to getting a fully embodied knowledge and healing.

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