• Racism

    We do not live in a post-racial society, the repeated killing of black and brown people is on-going evidence of this fact.

    And it would be so much easier to believe that the only racists are the ones who go around carrying torches or wearing hoods. But they are not. Each and every one of us has internalized some beliefs, biases and ways of thinking about people of color that have been shaped by the racist society that we grew up in.

    It is easier for us ‘good white people’ to believe that this does not apply to us. I certainly don’t want to believe this about myself. But if I give in to this desire, I am not going to critically look at how I benefit from, uphold or reinforce a racist system.

    I believe that I must use my privilege and use my platform to up-lift black voices. It is our responsibility to listen to the voices of those who are experiencing these things and it is our responsibility to help change that. It is our responsibility to feel those uncomfortable feelings this brings up, and know that this discomfort is needed to help motivate change.

    Anger is an appropriate response to the chronic injustice that people of color face. Black lives matter. Black trans lives matter.

    If you are white and  you are reading this, please take some time to consider what I have said.

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