• Steve Maraboli Quote

    So often I find people are waiting for the right time, the right feeling, the right something before starting. Often this waiting for the perfect or the right time to do something will keep you waiting in vain forever. And often I find that it is in the doing that we find what we were waiting for.

    This was something that I had to struggle with myself when deciding to go into private practice or make the leap from doing it part time to full time. But what I learned from my mentor and from listening to others was that I would never truly feel ready enough or prepared enough because there are simply too many unknowns and variables to consider.

    I did my research and I set about learning what I would need to do, but at some point, I just had to accept that it would not be perfect, that I would be a work in progress just as much as I encourage my clients to be. And so, I dared to do it and now looking back, I wonder why I waited so long 😊

    So, if there is a change you have been wanting to make, now is the time. Dare to dream or you may regret losing the chance.

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