• Toast to the Old You

    I think many of us forget to appreciate the earlier, more flawed version of ourselves.

    Like to many others, high school was a very painful time for me. When I look back, I am so grateful for how far I have come and that I am no longer that version of me.

    But rarely do I think to stop and thank that younger me for getting me through, for enduring so that I had a chance to grow and learn and change and get better.

    So, indulge me, take a moment and think of a previous version of you that you are glad to have left behind. Bring up a picture of that earlier version of you and imagine telling them thank you and giving them a hug. Notice how it feels for you to do that, and how it feels for the other version of you to receive it.

    If you can’t bring yourself to do that or find the younger version of you unwilling to accept this thanks and care, then this may be a sign that you have some attachment wounds that you need to address in therapy.

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