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    Big news

    Big news….my practice is moving!


    And if I can be totally honest and vulnerable about it, I have mixed feelings. This move was not in the plan, but at Thanksgiving I learned that the people I am renting from were moving and although I could have gone with them it felt like a step backwards given what was available. And that news was honestly overwhelming. I shut down for the weekend. I allowed myself space to not deal with it or try to figure out what to do.  I tried to practice what I preach, so I gave myself space to just feel what I was feeling and not immediately go into problem solving mode.


    After giving myself that space I made a choice and decided that I was going to look at this as an opportunity. I decided to see this as a chance to take the next step in my practice. I have been subletting from others and now I have found a space of my own. It is bigger and I get to decorate it and create the warm, welcoming space that reflects me and will put my clients at ease. That decision was not easy and I’ve had to recommit to that mindset daily. 


    I am getting outside my comfort zone in so many ways with this, and honestly it may not work out. This may not be the forever home for my practice. And that is okay. It is a step forward, and it is okay that I feel both anxious and excited, happy and scared. I can hold all of these feelings at once. 


    And now that the first pieces of furniture are in the space I am starting to get excited. This picture is of the beginnings of the new space and I can’t wait to show it off once I am all settled.  Stay tuned!

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