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    As we are in the middle of graduation season it has me reflecting on transitions and hopes and dreams and who we want to be when we grow up (even if we are already 40 or 50 or 60).

    If you are not who you want to be now then do you believe in the person you want to become? Because it is going to take work and determination to become that person. And if you don’t believe in the person you want to become, then you are unlikely to stick to the work when the going gets rough.

    That is why the folks I work with in therapy are so awe inspiring at times. I can usually see the seeds that they are planting and how their hard work will get them where they want to go, but so often they struggle to see it when they are in it. But they persist, they keep working, and they do make progress. And I believe it is because they believe in being the person they are trying to become, they believe it is worth the effort and the pain.

    I believe in the person that they are and they believe in the person that they want to become and eventually those people are one in the same.

    You have the seed within you to become who you want to be, believe it.

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