• Quote by Marianne Williamson

    We all have darkness. Freud talked about the death drive and out of control id. Jung talked about the shadow self. And in EMDR Therapy we think of dysfunctionally stored information or lack of adaptive information.

    Regardless of what theory we ascribe to, we all acknowledge that there is both light and dark within all of us.  The details and understanding of those sides may differ widely between theories.

    But ultimately, it is important to know that if you struggling with darkness within you, you are not alone. Whether that darkness is directed inward or outward, and where that darkness developed are all important things to be explored in therapy, with close confidents, with our higher power, and in self-help practices.

    Often it is not enough to do it on our own. We need help in looking at these issues with someone on the outside, who can provide a more neutral evaluation. That’s why therapy is ideal for this work. Although our loved ones may be willing to do the work, they are biased by their love of you and can’t help but be invested in the outcome.

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