• Quote by Thomas Eddison

    I believe that we humans are endlessly adaptable and neuroscientific research on neural plasticity and post traumatic growth support this idea.

    And I see the proof every day in my practice. Trauma survivors are living proof of that adaptability. If they had not made the adaptations that they did, they would not have survived.

    Unfortunately, these adaptations can become problematic when there is no longer a life or death situation being faced. And if the person grew up in a toxic, abusive or neglectful home, these adaptations were developed by a young mind, so that they no longer make sense to the adult person they have grown into. ‘

    This is why it can be so difficult for folks with chronic, developmental or attachment trauma to figure these things out on their own. It often takes a trauma specialist to help untangle how the symptoms or adaptations make sense in light of what they have gone through. And there is no shame in that, it can be hard to get that kind of perspective when you are in it.

    Finding a good therapist can help lead you to possibilities you never saw or never thought existed.

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